All guests have private walk-in units including access to their personal outdoor area. Guests are housed separately except for families who have adjoining units. Units consist of 3 levels accessed by steps or ladders. Scratching poles are also provided on the ground floor near the private cat door that leads outside. We also have 4 new larger units for multiple cat families and guests that are long term visitors.
All guests are provided with an array of bedding from baskets to dome cat beds or sheepskins. We also have some heat pads for the elderly, if required. You are welcome to bring puss's own bed, blanket or toys. Although we try to contain these to their own units, especially toys, everything must be named to ensure it's safe return home. Enquire now.


1 guest visit - per night $17.00
2 guest visit - per night in adjoining units $30.00
Larger Families - per night in Family Units Price on application
Medicated guests - price on application
Long Term guests - price on application
Taxi Service - price on application * Payment by cash, cheque or direct debit
* Minimum visit is a three night stay
* Prices current as of 20th June 2011


We are open on the following days and times for guests to deliver and collect their pets. Visitors are welcome - please phone for an appointment. Monday - Friday - 9.00am-11.00am - Afternoon by appointment
Saturday - 9.00am-11.00am - Afternoon closed
Sunday - Mornings closed - Afternoon by appointment after 4pm
We are finding afternoons by appoinment is not only more suitable for clients but the cattery as well. We find there is less disturbance to our current visitors. We are just a phone call away, however you must telephone first to avoid the disappointment, if you arrive you may be frustrated to find we are out. We endeavour to accommodate all clients, however we are unable to be available 24 hours a day, as we are sure you would agree.


We are located in a rural setting along Pelverata Road, Sandfly. Ericas love for cats came from childhood, where cats were simply part of the family. After years of research and hard work our cattery was opened to the public in 2003 We have two cats of our own, Possum, yes wild kitten caught in a possum trap, my best friend. Elvis, a disgruntled character of pomp and ceremony, has used up at least 5 of his 9 lives, and remains devoted to our house since the day he arrived and we were blessed with his company, I assure you! Reachfar Road is 1 kilometre along Pelverata Road. Pelverata Road is accessed by Sandfly Road which runs between Margate and the Huon Hwy. We are only 13km from Kingston, 22km from Hobart, 9km from Margate and 16km from Huonville.